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Whether youíre planning an addition for a growing family or simply getting new storm windows, finding a competent and reliable contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project. Edís Contracting is committed to providing quality service. Contact us today for your next home improvement need or commercial project.

Our mission is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our customers by exceeding demands and expectations before, during, and after job completion. Providing quality workmanship and exceptional service at an affordable price.

Ed's Contracting specializes in all aspects of home improvement. From painting, roofing and room additions to drywall and flooring. We do everything! We stand behind our work and take pride in making sure that our work is done in a timely and efficient manner. We work with homeowners, management companies, homeowner associations, apartment complexes and businesses to provide the best service possible.

Call us and we will come out and provide you with a free estimate! We will then mail, fax or email you a copy of the estimate. When you decide to schedule the job, just call our office and we will set up a convinient time that works with your schedule.

Room Additions

Maybe you would like to add on to your existing home or refinish an attic turning it into a wonderful family room. List your family's needs and habits, which reflect the way you live and spend leisure time. Think of how you like to entertain, and for how many people. Then let Edís Contracting design and build your deck, sunroom or room addition. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!


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Gutters are one of the most often forgotten maintenance areas of a home, yet are one of the most important. Faulty, overflowing gutters can lead to damaged insulation (lower energy efficiency), damaged structural lumber, termite infestations, excessive mold, and unhealthy landscaping. Edís Contracting can repair or replace your damaged gutters. We also clean your gutters as well. Most contractors use high-pressure sprays to clean gutter systems, which can damage your gutters. Edís Contracting inspects all gutters and downspouts and then removes debris by hand to ensure your gutters are left spotless and undamaged.

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